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Relaxation and Mindfulness - Mental Health Awareness Training and Corporate Wellness Days - A New Vision for Health in the Workplace

Relaxation and Mindfulness: Creating a Happy Healthy Work place - A New Vision for the Workplace

We provide bespoke training/coaching programmes for positive mental health awareness and wellbeing classes in the workplace.

For too long the issue of mental health in the workplace has been shrouded in secrecy, fear, ignorance and discrimination. At RMS we aim to equip employers and employees with the skills and knowledge to support positive mental wellbeing within the workplace, maximising employee attendance, motivation and engagement.

In today's economic climate the increasing cost of sickness absence brings an additional pressure to any business or organisation. The OECD estimates that over 15 million working days per year are lost to depression, stress and anxiety. The benefits to businesses that proactively engage with mental wellbeing include:

  •  Employee motivation
  •  Greater staff retention rates
  •  Reduced absenteeism
  •  Increased competitiveness
  •  Increased efficiency
  •  Increased effectiveness
  •  Increased productivity

Our team of facilitators have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of mental health awareness and in delivering training/coaching to a wide range of participants.

We will work with you to assess your business requirements ensuring that all training provided is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Training Courses/Classes include:

  •  Basic Mental Health Awareness
  •  WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Planning)
  •  Managing Stress and Building Resilience (individual and team)
  •  Coaching/classes for Employee Wellbeing
  •  Increased competitiveness