Mental Wellness - Mental Health Awareness Course & Staff Wellness Sessions

Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Treatments Available:-

In the UK, 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem at any one time, including in the workplace. What’s worse is that many employers and managers simply don’t understand enough about the topic and so can do little to help, which often results in a person’s mental health worsening. Poor mental health is now the number one reason for staff absence in the UK costing the organisation money, time, loss in productivity, reduction in efficiency and further stress to the workforce.

This training course has been designed as an introduction to mental health to raise an awareness of how important it is to people and the workplace. The course provides an overview of mental health problems, outlining some of the symptoms and effects, and explains what you can do to help colleagues feel supported and encouraged. The course aims to promote positive mental health and demonstrate how easy it can be for employers to make adjustments in order to encourage tolerance and understanding in the workplace.

This course provides managers and staff, at all levels , with the knowledge and confidence to work with and support colleagues and others with a mental health illness or condition. In addition advice is provided on how to tackle prejudice and stigma in the workplace.

The most common mental health conditions are reviewed and de-mystified to dispel the belief that you have to be an expert to offer support to your staff and colleagues.

Additional support to managers and employees is also offered by our organisation in the form of corporate wellness days; where we provide a programme of wellness support providing sessions in the following areas :-

  •  Relaxation
  •  Stress Release
  •  Motivational Skills
  •  Confidence Building
  •  Positive Transformation

We can provide bespoke packages to meet your exact needs.