About Loraine


Hi, I am Loraine Slater -

I am a practising international professional hypnotherapist / counsellor based in the Yorkshire area dedicated to helping others achieve their desired outcome. I am here to personally provide for you an individual programme.   My specialisms are : The Virtual Gastric Band a weight- loss programme which focuses on your eating habits in order to achieve weight loss. Together we develop new habits, enjoying the food you like and much more without dieting.  I also work with individuals suffering from Anxiety, Stress, Sleepless nights, Panic Attacks, IBS– just speak to me as I am sure I can help. I work throughout the UK, through 1-2-1 and Zoom Sessions. Please take a look at the videos.

Other therapies available to you are Reiki sessions, Beauty therapy sessions such as Non-surgical Facial Lift, Body Toning, Luxury Facials, Eye Treatments and Ear Candling.

Book a session by calling me on 07429 541273 or emailing me with your details to loraine@relaxationandmindfulness.com and I will get straight back to you.


Relaxation and Mindfulness

Having a wealth of experience in Education, alternative/holistic health therapies, empathising with learners/clients and their home/school life balance. RMS also offers Wellbeing Corporate Days, providing a holistic approach which enhances the Work Life Balance within the workplace.

Therapies include :-

- Weight Management

- Clinical Hypnotherapy

- Counselling

- Relaxation sessions

- Reiki

- Meditation

Relaxation and Mindfulness have worked in many parts of the country working with companies across the United Kingdom. We are out there to help to improve people’s lives. Wherever you are in the UK, we can deliver trained and insured therapists.

Workplace Classes

Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

Mental Health Awareness